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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What are you going to do this fall?

Once I get over the pure shock of losing the warmer, sunnier parts of summer (all right, maybe not so much this year), I am all about fall. I love this season in the South Sound; it goes beyond the colorful leaves, harvest moons, and cozy, crisp autumn evenings. There is a lot of STUFF to do around here. Here's my list (so far) of fall activities that I plan to enjoy and savor:

What's on your list?


Lorraine Hart said...

I thought perhaps life might slow down just a bit with Fall...but it seems there's still lots going on!

Well...there's the three day a week water aerobics class. Lorraine is trying to get toned, and losing the gravity is the greatest thing on sore joints and muscles. The folks in the pool have become wonderful friends. I've been doing this for eight months now and it's made a world of difference.
Will be setting up readings in the Gig Harbor area, perhaps even Tacoma, for my new poetry book.
Oh yes! Nov. 14th. (and I will be doing a blog about this)I'll be taking part in a wonderful exhibition and sale of Art, Words and Music at the Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo. A great way to start shopping for the holidays and to support your local artists, authors and musicians.
I'll definitely be involved in more advocacy for education on Lyme disease, meeting with our senators and helping Anna keep the support group going. Still trying to get the Governor's office to give us the proclamation to make May Lyme Awareness Month, officially in this state.
Oct. 30th Jazz Musette will be playing with other bands at the Longbranch Improvement Club. This is a benefit for our beloved Hall that was vandalized this year. We hope all the good folks who have enjoyed events at the Hall will come to Her aid now.
On Saturdays I have a wonderful writing group to meet with, Watermark Writers, at the Roadhouse in Key Center.
The rest of the time I am with my Anna, who has had a very rough year with a co-infection called Babesia Duncani. This was first called Washington-1...because it was discovered in this state. The number of tick-borne infected patients continues to grow, unchecked in this state.
Any spare time left that is not sleeping time, I will be writing, writing, writing! Phew!

Kim Thompson said...

Oh wow.

D.J. said...

Well, this weekend alone there are tons of things to do. Bonney Lake Fire Department is having an open house. The City of Fife is having their huge parade and Harvest Festival. The Milton Bazaar is going on. This weekend is going to be really busy for our family.

This fall, i also plan on getting out and enjoying the leaves as they change color, perhaps quite a few walks down on the Puyallup Riverfront. i also am making plans for our annual family Pumpkin Patch trip out to Orting.

Well see how things go... with so much to do, there is never a dull moment.

Kim Thompson said...

DJ I love your style! You are right! GREAT Events you mentioned...Enjoy!