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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

South Sound Warriors Compete in Portland, Return Victorious!

In an event where I was merely going to be an observer, I ended up at the last minute a participant and my life got a jolt.

On Sunday, September 12th, on the eve of my 42nd birthday, I competed in the Warrior Dash in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. This is a 5K running race with obstacles to complete scattered throughout the race terrain. Examples of obstacles included traversing through chest high water and hoisting your body over large logs, climbing through rope mazes, up and down steep ladders, crawling through dark tunnels, climbing over broken down cars, jumping over a fire pit, and slipping about on slick dirty, squishy, muddy paths in soggy shoes and clothes. The crescendo? A massive slide in the mud that covers one from head to toe. And when your race was complete, the only way to clean yourself off was to dip into muddy and ice cold pond. Sounds a little miserable and maybe a task for the young and/or foolhardy, right?

Oh hell no. This event had my name written all over it. This middle-aged, wife and mom of two, little writer from Tacoma, Washington kicked booty, met the challenge (even though parts were pretty darn hard), and had a ball despite it all.

Like many others, I was dressed in costume. Here's what I wore. And that mask stayed on the WHOLE time!

Admittedly, when I started running, I had trepidation. I felt like I was running on fumes and dehydration immediately set in. The uphill start was really hard for me and I panicked. That was,  until I hit the first obstacle--chest deep, cold muddy water, and scrambling over large logs.

Something clicked in my brain and I went right into the water,  no hesitation. I moved fast and efficiently. I didn't think, I DID. I found myself forging past women (and men) half my age and not only did the spirit of all my years of athleticism come to the fold, but I was in this zone of CAN DO, WILL DO.  I don't care for heights or climbing, but wouldn't allow it as a barrier. I kept going.

The best part? I've been suffering through various health problems and some stress, and while I probably wasn't in the best shape ever, I pushed through the elements anyway and got to suspend my daily life and issues and do something new and extraordinary. And that is one powerful elixir, a healing salve, and one heck of rush.

Here's some more pics, pre and post race!

Our happy group readying for competition

Children of the mud! Post race. We are now Warriors.
Me and Gritty Husband, Post Race, Now Clean, Enjoying Sun, Suds, and Grub

Warriors in Celebration! 

 So, now I am hooked.

My sights are now set on the The Winter Pineapple Classic, right here in Puget Sound.

Here's to playing in the mud and finding your inner warrior! It's good for you.


Lorraine Hart said...

Sooo proud of you are the cutest that okay to say? One great birthday!

Kim Thompson said...

Of course it's okay to say! I may not have been fierce, but the 'tude still remained!