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Friday, May 21, 2010

I (Heart) Yoga the Gritty Way!

I nicknamed last Thursday, Crud Thursday. It was a tough day all around, with many too many people falling apart, things piling up, and issues to solve. It was also crud because I wound up missing my first introductory yoga class at the terrific Source Yoga in Tacoma. I guess I must have carried my cruddy feelings through yesterday, because when I arrived at the yoga studio, I was excited, but tired, curious, but dull feeling. I yawned a lot before class. Gratefully and blessedly, this quickly changed.

First of all, yoga people are NICE people. Each and every one. My instructor, Angi, was the leader in NICE. Angi exuded this: no worries on the missed class, welcome, and here's some respite, enjoy. And this I did.

In a cozy, relaxing environment, out of the wind and rain, and most importantly, out of my house, I was sold after the well designed, well led meditation principles and practice that we began the session with. The crud washed away and I was ready for practice. I mean really ready.

And, as it turns out, I was ready for this class overall. When I first wrote about Source Yoga, in this blog and others, I noted that I have been doing yoga for some time. Out of some books. Yep, I studied the books, sequences, poses, diagrams, and did them on my own. It was so nice to be in a class because I wasn't really truly sure if I was understanding completely what I was supposed to do or not do and let's face it, doing yoga from book can be a bit lonely.

With Angi and her relaxed, warm and open style and PERFECT pacing, I began my journey refining, relearning, and developing my yoga skills. It felt good and my hunger for continuing my home practice and I wanted to learn to more to boot.

With that being said, for my local readers, if you are interested in beginning a journey in yoga, and you are new to the practice, in the future, consider this class. It will be worth your while. If you are looking for a different style of yoga practice, the Thursday evening meditation class may be right up your alley (click HERE to see more--for the summer session it is right after the intro class that I am in). I plan on attending that one next week to give it a try and I am really looking forward to it.



Lorraine Hart said...

Enjoy...and Namaste my friend. I'm glad you can take some time from your hectic days...time just for you.

Kim Thompson said...

Yep, that's the ticket Lorraine for all of us!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Ana loved going to the hot yoga before they decided that a Y membership was a better deal for them. Enjoy the time just for yourself!

Tracy Lebenzon said...

Thanks for the story! I've been doing yoga recently, off and on. Too much off. It worked wonders for my back in very short order. Due to your article I’ll do at least 3 sessions this week.