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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Really Good Place

(picture of couple leaving the library)
That's the Martin Luther King Library in Tacoma... the staff and volunteers are welcoming. I enjoy sharing stories with the staff members and laughing with them. I am so happy that children and adults have this one safe place where they can go... do some internet work, pick up a dvd or a cd they would like to watch/listen to, do some reading and research.
I am definitely into people watching, laughing a lot, and mystery novels. Robert Parker is the writer who has gotten me to many a wet, dreary evening. And there are alot of his book shelved there and in the Tacoma Library System. (I am even starting to think and talk like his heroes, Spencer and Hawk).

So, last week, on a dreary Tuesday afternoon I went to the Martin King Library and picked up some 100 percent take my mind off the grey weather materials...This video was taken right outside of the library.


Shannon said...

[sheepishly] I kept waiting for the accident to happen! That is a nice little library. A little short in the Books on CD dept.

Kim Thompson said...

I love any library. There's something rather comforting about them.

JosephMcG said...

Thanks, Shannon...folks were traveling safely that day... and I go to the library looking for cds all the time

Lorraine Hart said...

Aaahhh...libraries are such safe havens...and a portal to anyplace your mind wants to go!