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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yes Denzel Did

Saturday... one great, chilly day for me. I had purchased and put money on my new senior bus pass (thank you, Orca). My next step had been get on the bus, start using the pass.
And I pushed one of my most sensitive buttons to get on Tacoma's Number 2. I really, really wanted to see Denzel Washington in the new film, Book of Eli at the Narrows Galaxy. But I had shuddered and shaken myself into thinking that I could not comfortably drive there because I had never driven there before.

As a footnote, I must confess that the Galaxy is just a few minutes away. But my discomfort with driving anywhere when I have not driven there before is so firmly rooted that I had just been twisting my arms tightly around my body whenever I even began to think about driving to a movie.

Another footnote...I really want to get back on the bus and leave most local driving and freeway driving to someone else. So Denzel got me moving.
Number 2 got me to the TCC Metro Park and Drive in about ten minutes
(let's clap now)
I made it to the theatre with lots of time to spare before the film began. (Matinees... $7.25!!!)

In fact I had a chance to tune into some interesting couple moments... one couple in their senior year got into the gentleman's story of how he spent an hour and a half dining at an all you can eat restaurant and was finally asked by someone in management to leave... the woman agreed to go to dinner with him in the next few days..
Another couple (in their late twenties) sat separately... the man wanted to sit on seats near the side, the woman wanted to sit in the middle... he sat on the side, she sat a few rows higher in the middle and said to him, "see if I give you a ride home."

The film held my attention all the way through. I realized I have become too much of a dvd person... the sound was wonderful, the picture gorgeous and I felt I was part of it, the various reactions of the very small audience... maybe twenty or thirty
people, mostly folks either in their fifties or older... made the movie even more special... I decided I needed more movies in theatres in my life...

I got back to the Park and Ride comfortably (I had a good sense of what alleys to move through... the bus came fairly quickly and I realized I need to put on a few more layers of clothing if I was going to take the bus during the last few weeks of winter...

Another African American man, a few years older than I, echoed my feelings about the film when he said, "Denzel had done it again." Eli is a film really worth any adult seeing.


Kim Thompson said...

I am glad you liked the film. It really attracted my attention. I think Denzel is hot. Okay, that has nothing to do with acting, but hey, whatever.

I have been to the theater recently (I am a DVD person too), and the movie theater experience really is pretty awesome. And the people watching can't be beat!

JosephMcG said...

Right now I cannot even turn the tv on... still recovering from getting back together with my first media love... Saturday afternoon at the movie theatre

Lorraine Hart said...

Ooooh Kim..I'm with you on Denzel...have watched him since St. Elsewhere on the telly! Unfortunately I am SUCH a wusse about adrenalin-pumping movies.

I agree with you about going to the movies Joseph...wish we still got the whole deal with news and cartoons, like back...ahem...a little while ago! Good for you, for taking the bus, but do remember to dress for that wait! xo

Stephanie Frieze said...

I LOVE Denzel and Kim is right that he's hot, but some of his choices for theatrical vehicles have left me scratching my head lately. Anyway, I'm with Joseph on movie going. I'd like to give a shout out to the Uptown Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor which hosts $2 movies on Monday mornings at 10 AM. These are old flicks. This week it was Gone With The Wind. Last week I took Amy to see Snow White. I'm hoping that now that Dave is retired he and Amy can go even when I have to work. The 15th of February, President's Day, I'll take her and my granddaughter to see the Gene Wilder version of Willie Wonka.