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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tacoma Business Resurrected!

My eyes just about fell out of my head.

My favorite women's boutique in Tacoma, Jasminka in the North End's Proctor District, closed it's doors last November after 26 years of serving the community. I was sad to see it go, and in the past few months, really haven't found a suitable replacement.

However, as I was driving by the old storefront yesterday on the way to my parent's home, I saw a glimmer of hope. A sign was posted in the store window that said that Jasminka was resurfacing under new management in April! Now I suspect that it probably won't follow the theme and tradition established by original owner and Tacoma fan Rondi Boscovich, but that's okay. I am thrilled to see that a boutique is taking it's rightful place on Proctor.

Note to new management: I strongly suggest keeping Rondi's sense of fine customer service, friendliness, and deep community involvement. These are some of the more important reasons I supported the store.

Good Luck, Jasminka! I wish you well.


Aya Hashiguchi Clark said...

That is very good news. I used to shop at Jasminka on many occasions.

Kim Thompson said...

Hi there! Me, too--I've been trying to find out "who" the new management is to get a flavor for how things are going to look.

Lorraine Hart said...

I liked Jasminka a lot when I had a gift certificate to go shopping. I was really taken back at the prices though, not usually being able to shop in stores like this.

I bought one $115. While this was marvelous fun with a gift certificate (still don't know who sent it to me!) I cannot, in all good conscience, spend a chunk of my very small income in that way. I shall have to remain thrift store fashionable. I wish small businesses well...but I can't help them when they are soooooo far out of my budget.

I will say that the young women who worked there were sweet and lots of fun...I hope they may have a chance to get jobs back, if they haven't already moved on.

Kim Thompson said...

Yes, some of the prices were high, I will agree. I always took advantage of the sales there and got SWEET deals. Particularly at the end of the season. The summer sidewalk sale always had 50 to 75 percent off and I got fine treasures.

Those gals were just great in there. Perhaps they will be back, who knows.

To your point, Lorraine, I hope the new management considers prices to meet consumers needs.

And that's so cool you got an anonymous gift certificate! Wonderful!

Stephanie Frieze said...

We can hope that a business embarking during these times is a sign that times are changing. It take either a lot of confidence or a stash of cash to be starting such an enterprise just now. Here's hoping it goes well.