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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mt. Crumpit

I received a message on Facebook yesterday, from my sweet friend Constance who is a wonderful artist in Asheville, North Carolina. She asked me if I'd like to check out her new blog, which was my pleasure. I met her in New York, after she became the bride of my old writing and recording partner, Hank Bones, and the mama of sweet Miss Madeline, now seven.

I first saw her artwork through CD covers of Hank's band, The Haolies (Kim I must let you listen sometime...Hawaiian Swing, no less!) and her bright colours grabbed my eyes. Con's portraits of the band-members were whimsical and fun, so I was not surprised to hear that she's lately been working on children's books. I want kids to be able to have her work and adults to be able to share with delight, so I invite you all in the neighbourhood to welcome Constance into the world of Blogs as she launches her own. It's not a blog of kid's's a blog of fun for everyone, with artwork and musings and...well, who knows what else will come! Go check out Constance's view from Mt Crumpit and have some fun, like answering her question of which historical figure YOU would like to see writing a blog. Tell her Lorraine sent you...and let the giggles commence!


Mizu Sugimura said...

Will set time to check this out. Thanks Lorraine!

Kim Thompson said...

Cool! I'd like to hear that band, too.