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Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Twilight": Ick, Blah, Okay, or Pretty Good?

This post originally appeared on Gritty City Woman. And while it's not SPECIFICALLY tied into any neighborhood (save for the fact that the novel is set in Forks, Washington), I thought this would be fun to put here since many South Sounders have read this book series. Read on:

My husband and I don't make it a practice to exchange Christmas gifts with each other. In fact, we only exchange gifts on birthdays only. However, this year, my husband surprised me by announcing that he purchased me a small Christmas gift this year the week before holiday. However, he set up the gift like this:

"Now, you are probably going to hate me for getting this for you, and you'll probably wonder why I picked this out, but you just gotta give it a chance. It comes highly recommended."

First off, that's a pretty crappy set up for a gift, secondly, my mind starting racing with possibilities which results in something usually not too good, and third, well, I was worried about the hubby spending too much money on something ridiculous.

Well, I ruled out number three (expense) as he told me the price (it wasn't much). However, I did warn him like this:

1. No weirdo shaving products.
2. No baking things (like mixers, etc.) as I don't bake.
3. Nothing for the yard or for yard work.

He laughed and said it wasn't any of those things and that I would never guess.

So, just before the holiday, I got my gift. My response?


Yeah. OH.

The hubby got me the "Twilight" book series written by Stephanie Meyer. I won't provide any links or pictures of the book(s) or the author, as it is a worldwide, well known literary and movie phenomenon particularly for GIRLS ('tween and teen).

So, what does a 41-year-old woman do with THIS? My first thought was to get responses on the gift selection from other female peers. Some responded with laughter, others responded with "Oh" (just like me). There wasn't any positive responses. Now my husband has a thick skin, and is a master of self depreciation, so his feelings weren't hurt; however, he "challenged" me NOT to get hooked on these novels. He knows, that I always rise to the occasion for a challenge. And he also knows that I will be fair when it comes to novels.

I am now 100 pages in. Here's my analysis thus far:


1. The mystery of the Cullens (though unfolding a little slowly) is good.

2. The book has big print and a nice book jacket.

3. Typically I loathe books set in Washington State (particularly if the author is NOT from my fair state) because they always way over do the rain and the clouds. Though the whole setting of Forks, Washington is actually pretty acceptably written and gives a pretty decent backdrop for the plot.

4. The book reads fast.


1. The main character of Bella and her narration/voice sounds more like a 35-year-old woman then a teen girl. Now, I understand that the point of Bella being very mature and an "old" soul, is mentioned throughout, but she still sounds "off."

2. I know that Edward Cullen's character is played by a Brit actor in the movie and I have this irritating habit of "hearing" all his lines read in my head with a British accent!

3. Everyone is so "brooding." I guess that's the point, but I don't understand the concept of "brooding." To me, that translates into sullen, sulky, or dull. Maybe that's just me.

4. I have fallen asleep mid-sentence twice when reading. Not sure if that's good or bad?

I am going to keep going with it. I think the mystery will strengthen in some respects.

However, I am looking to all of you to help me keep going. So, where are you at with this topic? Are you a "Twilight" fanatic? If so, why do you like these books? If you hated "Twilight," I'd love to hear the same from you, too.

P.S. BTW, I gave my hubbby a William Faulkner novel, a John Steinbeck (his favorite author) short novel anthology and a John Hughes Classic DVD pack ("Sixteen Candles," "Breakfast Club" and "Weird Science"). Curious what readers responses are to these gifts, too.

Have at it!

P.S.S. I'll do some more updates on my progress.


Lorraine Hart said...

I know nothing more than the advertisements when it comes to Twilight...never had the urge to read it.

I love your gifts to hubby!

I got Woody Guthrie's biography for Christmas...just haven't had chance to bite into it yet...still working on 2,000 years of women's spiritual writing. That's not one to be read quickly!

Stephanie Frieze said...

I read Twilight and liked it, just haven't had time to read the second one as I got hooked into another trilogy. We love vampires at our house and I thought it was an interesting spin on the legend of them. As for the brooding, if you live around Forks, you're probably brooding anyway.

Now Ana's started a book club and my pile of "to-be-reads" keeps growing!

Woody Guthrie's biography is great. Love that man. Love his son Arlo, too, who will be in Kent in March (I think).

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks, ladies.

Woody Guthrie is BIG at my house. My husband has the books and many recordings.

Here's my take on Twilight: I Finished it!

First half, "eh", second half, "good, suspenseful" ending, "eh."

Started the second book ("New Moon"). Good start!! Like so far.

Natalie Goldberg has a wonderful book on writing memoir.

I suggest you two check it out.

Or whoever is the fastest, I shall mail you my copy to borrow!