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Sunday, December 20, 2009

TSO's Performance of Handel's Messiah Glitters In Memory

"Whether I was in my body or out of my body as I wrote it I know not. God knows." - George Frideric Handel.

Having a idle moment in hand - I recently went online in pursuit of a quote in regards to the George Frideric Handel (1685-1759). I was most fortunate to find this sparkling little gem posted above at where the great German composer was recorded to have said after composing Messiah's now famous Hallelujah Chorus. Like so many in the general non-professional public I have heard brief portions of Messiah on television or sung in snippets within the program of numerous live musical performances in years gone by.

After enjoying the unique pleasure of sitting in the audience at St. Charles Borromeo Church last Friday night to hear and witness this season's version of Messiah as performed by the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra it's been quite difficult for me to ascertain whether I have been able to find my own way back into my body since returning home from the concert!

Like so many people in the general non-professional musical public I have heard brief portions of Messiah either on television or sung in snippets within the program of numerous live musical performances in years past. However until this last December 18, I had never come even close to declare with complete honesty that I'd been able to rise high enough to actually attend much less sit completely through this entire masterpiece to once-in-for-all completely check-off and remove from a lightly penciled and informal bucket list tacked to an imaginary cork bulletin board in a heavily cobwebbed corner of my right cranium this truly remarkable cultural milestone.

But now thanks to an unexpected and unexpected opportunity provided by Deb, a longtime buddy and fellow sci-fi diplomat and explorer of the galaxy whose taste in friends and cultural highlights extends to Brian, her witty and distinguished friend, local firefighting veteran and equally well-known singing bon vivant who provided this correspondent with a truly fabulous out of daily life Christmas 2009 holiday experience!

Friday evenings 5th annual Messiah performance by Tacoma Symphony Orchestra and Chorus also showcased the soaring talents of four excellent local soloists whose melodious voices beautifully soared over the night's equally rich and memorable musical landscape. They would include : Sarah B. Markovits (soprano), Melissa Plagemann (mezzo), Stephen Rumph (tenor) and Charles Robert Stephens (baritone) all united under the capable and steady vision of conductor Geoffrey Boers.

Messiah night
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here Dawn Quinn's excellent December 16, 2009 piece on this year's Messiah showcasing Handel's music and symphony's efforts at the online site of the Tacoma Weekly.

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Lorraine Hart said...

I got tingles as I read, Mizu, having known the power of that piece done live. How wonderful that you got to go! Merry Christmas Eve, with love, Lorraine xo