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Thursday, December 24, 2009

One South Sounder's Holiday Dream For All

Here's my Christmas dream for everyone:

1. Food on the table.
2. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual warmth.
3. Laughter!
4. At least one thing done with joy.
5. Jobs for those who need them.
6. A break from bad news.
7. A hand to hold.
8. Peaceful reflection.
9. Fresh air.
10.A good surprise!

Best wishes to all of my family, friends, neighbors, and community. You are all loved.



Stephanie Frieze said...

Wonderful list, Kim. If everyone had those things it would put an end to war.

Kim Thompson said...

Yes, yes I think it would. Merry Christmas, Stephanie (loved the card and newsletter--thank you!).

Lorraine Hart said...

This is my kinda list!! Beeyoodiful!

Erm...I'm changing January cards...eeep! Lox

Kim Thompson said...

Glad you liked it! I know lots of folks who do New Year's cards. In fact, that might take over the Christmas card tradition.