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Friday, December 25, 2009

A South Sound "Santa" Captures The Heart Of Holiday

Before this 2009 Christmas Day disappears into fragments - I'd like o share a lovely little letter that a famous older gentleman associated with the more contemporary celebration of the holiday reputedly left at the home of a inspirational South Sound family who can be easily described as truly salts of the earth by most anyone who has had the pleasure to know them.

While the nitty-gritty details of the particular family referred to in this note are understandably of a private nature - American families of all ages, colors, income levels and backgrounds across the country share similar concerns as larger and more initially unconsidered losses continue to roll out as a result of last year's unprecedented economic woes which have already significantly impacted our collective immediate and future expectations.

However despite the fact our budget conscious"Santa" was clearly forced to trim back significantly here in Pierce County - what available reserve stockpiles of love, encouragement and hope clearly were not relegated to the budgetary chopping block - which is something we can all find a bit of light and warmth this most special night!

Christmas 2009

Hello - (name of family) - I mean - oh, Howdy, y'all. You're confusing old Santa this year. I had your house slated for a fly-over and here I see there are a couple of little guests.

Veronica and Vivian, you are such smart, beautiful little girls. You make your mama (and Santa) proud! I didn't want you to think Santa forgot you or couldn't find you, so there is a little something under this tree for you. And, of course I can't forget mom. I've not forgotten how you three helped out the head of this household last summer. I know she appreciated the help more than you can know. And girls, I just want you to know that I told your mom where the rest of your gifts are.

John, David and Sean. My, it's been a long time since you three have lived together. I see you are getting along better that you did when you were younger. Warms ol' Santa's heart.

Eric, your mom and aunt and I cooked up something special for you. But I let your grandma put her name on it. I expect you to make Santa proud. You have grown so much in the past year. Always remember that you are loved.

Debbie, I know you were going to skip the gifting this year because of tight money situations all the way around, but Santa thought you should all have at least a token. I hope you enjoy what I picked out for you.

That said, I apologize for the mess I left in the kitchen. I helped myself to some milk and cookies. You left them out by the stove, so I was sure you meant for me to have some. Sorry about leaving the mess, but this was an unscheduled stop when I left the North Pole, so I had to be especially quick. The cookies were delicious, by the way. Thanks. I know you meant to leave me a plate.

So head into the New Year with heads up. I think it's going to be a good one. Remember, things will work out for all of you. It always does.

Love Santa


Lorraine Hart said...

This makes me such a nice way.

Friends of the Holidays works hard every year to raise funds for Christmas in needy houses. They do two fund-raisers per year...the first one on Father's a Santa's Helper for South Sound families in need of Cheer.

Stephanie Frieze said...

If we can carry the good feelings of brother and sisterhood into the New Year and show compassion to each other all year long, what a wonderful world it would be!

Lorraine Hart said...