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Monday, June 1, 2009

Warren Drive Road Closure

The section of Warren Drive between 70th Ave. N.W. and the Fox Island Bridge has been closed for roadwork, diverting Fox Island traffic on up 40th and past Areletta in a large loop before arriving ath the Fox Island Bridge from the other direction. For some the closure has brought irritation and frustration, but for others it brought peace and quiet.

We are in heaven and don’t mind the extra driving to get to our PO Box on Fox Island. Suddenly our busy 70th has become a quiet country road. It is possible to walk the dog during the late afternoon and early evening without fear for your life or that you’re breathing in tons of pollutants. It is quieter than it was 19 years ago when we moved to the Greater Gig Harbor Area, also known as unincorporated Pierce County.

Of course, not everyone is pleased with the Warren Drive road closure. I imagine that those living on that stretch are more than a little irritated and students living along there have to walk farther to catch school buses which are being rerouted around the construction. A friend in the Peninsula School District Transportation Department tells me it’s been a nightmare.

My son and his family have taken to strolling down 70th of an evening to the new wooded park where the road tees into 32nd or Warren. If they were to just keep that section of road closed forever we’d be pleased, but the party is to be over on the 7th.

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Mizu Sugimura said...

Your writing caught my attention! What a contrast between that riveting picture and your down home description of life along a temporary country road.