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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Run To The Hills!

I live in the 'burbs just southwest of Tacoma. I go running in my neighborhood out of convenience. It's boring sometimes. But earlier this week, needing to desperately blow off steam, I did some city running and loved every minute of it.

City running is so much more intense and focused, particularly in my old stomping grounds of Tacoma's North End (Old Town). After dropping off my kiddos at my parents, I ascended one of many hills. I had to focus on the ankle breaking raised, old, broken and painfully narrow sidewalks, dodging potential falling disasters. I had to also dodge errant drivers (sorry Tacomans, but lots of you drivers don't yield or pay attention properly for pedestrians or bikers) when crossing the streets. The traffic was flowing, activity abounded on every street from people hauling in groceries to their homes, or business folks taking a sunny lunch break. I could hear sirens, birds, honking horns, laughter, and buses. I smelled cut grass, gasoline, hot cement, and flowers. I ran fast and smooth. So much to see, sense, and do.

However, my favorite part of the run was getting cat calls from some Washington-Hoyt Elementary School 9 year old boys. They weren't dirty, just silly. I laughed with them and wondered why these kiddos didn't realize I am old enough to be their mama.

So, for you runner (or walker) types, hit the road.

Happy exercise!


1 comment:

Lorraine Hart said...

Matt headed off to San-Fran. I'm on weekend walking duty as well as during the week right now, with Rani the pup.

I feel a little wobbly with this flu thing...but nothing will stop my feet from walking (sorry, if I ran, I'd really be the weeble that wobbled AND fell down!) our territory.

Glad you're feeling well enough to run...take care with your allergies.

Oh yeah...and RIGHT ON about drivers not being careful enough...not paying enough attention on the road. PLEASE Mr. and Ms. "Behind The Wheel" concentrate on your 360 vision and preparedness...and pull over for your phone chats.