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Friday, June 5, 2009

Senior Exhibitions

For about eight years I have had the privilege of listening to the Senior Exhibitions at Gig Harbor High School. It is always a fun day to see the seniors all dressed up and looking appropriate and to see and hear the culminating project of their public school career. Yesterday was exhibition day at GHHS.

In the past there have been projects that were self-serving. Students have learned a new leisure skill with dubious community service involved. Over the years the quality of service has improved and yesterdays exhibitions were a joy. It was delightful to see what great kids we are sending out into the world. I wish it was into a better economy.

I strongly urge community members to volunteer to judge exhibitions next year.


GigHarborGuide said...

I'm a mom of one of those kids and I agree, it is one of the best, highly motivated, well rounded and exceptional group of kids I've ever seen. I am proud of my son, my school and my school district.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Congratulations on your student's achievement. I believe the Senior Exhibition is a worthwhile project from which at least some students will carry the habit of community service.