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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last evening's spectacular, blood-red sunset and even this morning's glorious sunrise are not enough to obliterate the sorrow I feel for Kurt Husted's family. It is unspeakable that a Loomis armored car guard was murdered and so many other people simultaneously traumatized. I did not know him, but he had been one of my daughter's classmates at Lincoln. It doesn't matter whether I ever knew him or never knew him.

It is beyond my ability to comprehend how not just one individual, but two, three, four individuals (I cannot bring myself to call them 'people') found each other, got together, hatched a plan that they all bought in on, and apparently decided was a good idea or perhaps a quick fix for all of their problems.

All that I know for certain is:

  • They took his life

  • They've thrown away their own

  • All of it was for nothing

  • All of their lives completely wasted, squandered

  • And nothing is left in their wake but heartache.


Lorraine Hart said...

Kurt Husted was studying to become a helicopter pilot, to get away from the security guard business. His friends at the airfield have begun a scholarship in his name for flight school. Anyone can donate towards this Kurt Husted Scholarship at any Wells Fargo.

Good folks try to move forward in good ways. Sincere condolences to Mr. Husted's family and friends...and to our community.

Kim Thompson said...

This tragedy unfolded within a short drive of my home. We had police helicopters circling overhead for hours. My son and I were out on our bikes on Bridgeport for a little ride after the robbers had just fled the scene.


My heart goes out to Mr. Husted and the other gentleman that was injured and to the other witnesses and bystanders that had to endure this scene.