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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slow And Steady

Here comes Bellarmine Prep's new gymnasium. Chilly grey days or too hot to stand it sunny days and the workers are out there, and they are getting that building up!
I find myself thinking of various moments in our lives... learning mathematics, a second language, how to pass and shoot and defend, playing a musical instrument well, growing closer to other folks, taking over responsibility for our own lives,
loving ourselves...
Hard, hard work, and when we get it together, beautiful, just beautiful.

Me... I am doing ok with this growing up stuff... and I am happy to say that I know that without my mother and grandmother, my teachers, my friends, and my God... I would not be ready to put these words together.
I remember back in the seventies a friend summing up the Black male experience in America in this fashion... "most of the black men I know are in jail, the military, or dead..." And we have got a lot to do to help a whole lot of work to do to support our young Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow sisters and brothers get pass the recession/energy consuming days ahead...

Words are not going to do it... it's that thinking and trusting and working together that is going to make of "our old world a new world." (Dr. Martin Luther King)

I am glad I have a chance with my brothers and sisters to build strong and high and beautiful that new world.

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