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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Time

Thank you, wonderful Source of sunshine and rain for my medical doctor. I went to see her for my summer checkup today. I had been deeply affirmed the last few days, at St. Therese over the weekend, in conversations with various friends the last two weeks...

So I knew I was ready to face the music and I walked quietly into Building B, Allenmore Hospital.

Quiet day in Building B... the elevator arrived quickly and the next thing I knew I had reached
my doctor's office.

Lots of warm smiles strengthened me when I walked through the doors. Check-in was quick... same address, same insurance, everything is in order... so I sat down to wait to be called in so that I could get my weight, blood pressure, and heart rate measured.

While I was waiting, I looked over at the television and lo and behold,on RTV was one of my old time favorites, Telly Savalas playing Kojak...

I checked the brother out and then returned to the wonderful thriller, The Long Fall by Walter Mosley. A few minutes later, the nurse came and got me. Got the numbers of weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.
Then the doctor came in, gently and clearly told me it was time to start exercising again... (I had been a no doing anything for, at least, two months).
And congratulated me on the rest of the numbers. My take, basically healthy but I needed to GET TO WORK.

I left the office so very grateful that I was open and honest enough to listen, not make any excuses, accept what I was told and to start making plans to get on with getting healthier.

My final take: time to start loving myself, accepting the support of other people, and taking life's challenges seriously, humbly, and with great good humor.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Congratulations one the rather good check-up, Joseph. It's not that we don't all know what we ought to be doing and it's such a pain to have to hear it!

PS I loved Telly Savalis

JosephMcG said...

I went for my first walk this morning, just stepping around my neighborhood... with my camera (fill in the blanks on what the next blog will be about)