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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post Office Mail Boxes and U-Haul Offered to Customers of Innovative Fife Consignment Mall

An old-fashioned style car cruise today up and down a busy highway such as Pacific Highway here in Washington State is replete with scenes of standard style strip malls and accompanying roster of buinesses - many associated with national chains and franchises.

And while we are happy to admit most of us often have our list of favorites - those leaseholders who truly offer both convenience and a gentle slice of personable interactions as in less harried and more personable days past while many in theory are actually few and far between.

The pleasant surprise about Fife's 2nd Hand Treasures Consignment Mall located at 5303 Pacific Highway E. is that while the merchandise competes head to head with it's competition there's a warm and friendly touch of what made old time mom and pop stores a hit in their time - a sincere and engaging welcome more like a neighbor.

You are not just a number and the sunny super whitened toothpaste smile offered you at the Fife area store does not fade immediately after your purchase is rung up and you are encouraged to scoot out the automatic sliding doors as in other establishments so uniformed store personnel can deal with the next cluster of paying customers.

Mail Box Rentals, Faxing, Copies & Notary Services

As proof of this philosophy and dedication to customers and old-fashioned service oriented philosophy is underscored by two of the businesses' newest offerings for patrons visiting the north Pierce county store.

Enterprising store owners Reggie Starkey and John Brehmer have taken a much appreciated and much needed service 24 hour accessible post office boxes which has been fondly recalled in the experience of this recent area shopper by former nostalgic patrons of businesses which previous served the Fife/Milton/Edgewood community at the same location of which this link to a photo of one and the same is now available.

During the interim - former customers had to head either to Milton or Puyallup in order to enjoy the service of a post office box - and while the drive in a vehicle was shorter than the horse and buggies of the pioneer past, the convenience is genuinely appreciated!

2nd Hand Treasures is now authorized United States Postal Service shippers which will be a great boon to area residents during the busy upcoming winter holiday season and save precious gasoline dollars as well. As for the conversation? If you are strapped for time they'll give you the same quick and efficient service you would receive at any of their competitors.

Fife's Newest U-Haul Authorized Dealer

In addition, persons contemplating a change of address either in the general local or across the nation will be delighted to know that the store has also received word they have been accepted to offer customers authorized services as a U-Haul Authorized Dealer. So whether you are moving or if your holiday packages are of more unconventional size and you'd really prefer to not to ship them by USPS but deliver them wrapped and in-person yourself - the staff at 2nd Hand Treasures will be more than happy to assist you or answer your U-Haul questions at 877-272-0508.


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