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Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven Local Authors & Poets, November 10th.

On Thursday evening, November 10th., seven local authors and poets invite you to a celebration of our published works, at the Key Center Library, Bromes Room, from 6-8pm.  Each writer will give a short presentation and be available for discussion/book-signing.  Supporting your local artists is a wonderful 'twofer' when thinking of Holiday shopping, don't you think?  Books are budget-friendly and intimate gifts, while writers are quirky members of our neigbourhoods, worth getting to know, perhaps? 

Lorraine Hart.  Yes, I am one of the poets with a book, "There I Had to Go," for sale.  This collection of poems journeys the world outside, and the worlds within.  I'm honoured to be a part of this evening, and to read for you.  Cards made from the book's black and white illustrations will also be available.

Leslie Bratspis', "Good Fortune," is an inspirational novel of Chinese wisdom, secretly passed through hand-written fortunes, connecting the lives of two men from different cultures.  Each overcomes adversity to achieve happiness and inner-awareness through personal journeys.

Dick Dixon's, "Dillon's War: The Weretiger of Kontum," is a dark, edgy novel about the adventures of a young man who bonds preternaturally with a tiger, in the jungles of Vietnam.  The pair is detected in their predations by primitive natives, who see them as a single entity--the legendary Weretiger, able to shape-shift at will.

Karen Lovett's, "Beneath the Surface," combines Romance and Suspense in a novel set on the west side of Puget Sound, in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains.  Jason and Carla's convoluted courtship comes to a crisis after a murder verdict and a sudden near-death experience.

Colleen Slater's, "Blue Deer--Four Generations of Poetry," covers over six decades in western Washington by the author, her father, a son, and three grandchildren in a variety of poetic forms.

Kim Shaumburg's, "Her Last Race," is a story of horse-racing, relationships between mother and daughter, owners, trainers, jockeys and horses, as well as ethical dilemmas.

Aaron Wayno's, "Heckling Charles Barkley, a Stuff-Novella," is a mystical chain-reaction of people, places, events, memories, animal behavior, wild weather, and universal imagination, around modern, recession-era Puget Sound.

There you have it, seven diverse neighbourhood writers in one room!  So, put on your comfortable shoes, your local literary foot forward, towards Key Center Library, Thursday November 10th., from 6-8pm.  We will be so very happy to see you there.  Don't forget to check out our brand new intersection!  

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