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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Local Men From Fife's 2nd Hand Treasures Aim High To Warm Hearts, Build Community

Above: Not without a sense of humor, independent minded Fife entrepreneurs Reggie Starkey and John Brehmer include a bit of time to coax a smile from patrons touring constantly changing inventories in the South Sound store as evidenced by this recent sign on display.

Above: Much loved items such as this beautiful wooden hutch vie for attention at Fife's newest shopping destination - a thrift and consignment bonaza by the name of 2nd Hand Treasures which aims to pair much loved donated items with brand new owners , supporting several local charities and building a bit more community paralell to a busy section of I-5 S. and along an equally bustling section of Pacific Highway S. Photo copyright 2011 by Mizu M. Sugimura.

While big rigs and commuters daily fly through the busy intersection in front of Fife's famous Poodle Dog restaurant (a local destination and hangout for several generations of patrons since 0000) the new owners of 2nd Hand Treasures a local non-profit have been dedicating much time and careful effort Reggie Starkey and John Brehmer have pooled a thick resume of retail skills and highly polished people skills to pump much needed life and energy into the community west of this highly popular and bustling corner.

Having spent a good many of their formative years growing up in the South Sound communities both men have returned to the fold to gather a team of volunteers and help raise much needed funds in a challenging economic era for a number of local charities as well as contributing to the health, wealth, vigor and sense of community that were sorely challenged since the closing of the previously loved and fondly remembered pharmacy and postal outlet at the same location in years past.

Starkey is especially pleased to fund among their selected charities research and resources dedicated to persons suffering symptoms related to vitiligo, a condition related to depigmentation of patches on the skin of which one of the most famous persons having to deal with it was the late, great showman and entertainer Michael Jackson.

Vitiligo has regretfully made a personal appearance in Starkey's own family. He and one of his siblings have been challenged by the condition since they were teenagers, especially difficult because the original diagnosis came in the late 1970's years before the more widespread publicity and media coverage which surrounded Jackson.

2nd Hand Treasures' Starkey and Brehmer paint for this bloggeer a vision of a friendly, warm, welcome and informal gathering place where people, resources and helpful solutions to the basic and everyday concerns of area residents of all ages can be addressed in a caring new community remiscient of the city's rich historical past.

To that end the pair recently secured permission to serve as a new postal outlet by offering residents a place to both send and receive packages via the US Postal Service and will be offering area citizens wishing to rent a post office box in town another opportunity to do so. Coming just ahead of the opening of a new city library a few months into the future, 2nd Time Treasures will deliver it's own brand singularly new energy coursing through the veins of town as Fife heads toward the middle of her second decade in this new century.

From a newly arrived young retail employee on her lunch hour looking for a boxspring to support a recently purchased mattress in her new apartment to a seasoned gentleman of indeterminate years hoping to add to his highly discriminating collection of vintage memorabilia, both Starkey and Brehmer believe they can offer area residents a variety of viable options by combining value as well as thrift in one great single package!

Above: All items in this snapshot are previously owned.
Photo copyright 2011 by Mizu M. Sugimura.

Recent customers may have noticed some changing developments in products and services being offered at the location over the stores initial transitional phase. One of the initial store-within-a-store tenant RJ'S Helicopters has already left the fold to set-up elsewhere. Brehmer has undertaken an inititative to offer Avon Products through the store and undertaking a new working relationship for this time-honored company for which he has shown increasing enthusiasum.

Another fairly new and budding development involves an application for the store to become a dealer for U-Haul and offer products and services associated with the brand under the same roof. More innovations may soon follow as the owners assess the skills of their volunteers and developing needs of newly acquired store customers and friends.

As such Brehmer and Starkey represent perhaps the best and most positive attributes of newer activity in the area of local retail in these changing economic times which ought to be watched -for these gentlemen insist that it must irrefutably be linked with the overall health and welfare of local shoppers, city residents, visitors, neighbors, nearby businesses, family and friends.

Below: This vintage typewriter was spotted by this reporter is an all-together quaint, welcome and friendly reminder of a fondly
remembered collegieate past, although my own Royal typewriter in the 7o's was even more aged
than the veteran machine shown below in this picture. Picture copyright 2011 Mizu Sugimura.

Below: A varied store inventory including gift items and card rack shown here will appeal to those customers looking for a quick and appropriate rememberance for some special someone! Photo copyright 2011 by Mizu Sugimura.


Angel Ney said...

Reggie, you are a beautiful person and I LOVE what you are doing, keep up the WONDERFUL work!!!!

Anonymous said...

From a personal perspective...I have been to the store many times and it's exciting to have a local thrift store in Fife not to mention a place I can mail my bills and possibly soon buy stamps without having to drive 5 miles or more to a Post Office.
The baby clothes selection is great I have two relatives that are pregnant so I have purchased many items that were never worn for a great price!
I think they really hit the nail on the head with the UHaul rental and Post Office boxes for rent you have to appreciate the one stop convenience.
They are constantly getting new stuff all the time.
Great job you guys!

Lorraine Hart said...

Thanks for the heads-up on a store I'll be happy to visit when in the area, Mizu!

I think a certain local artist's work would go well in this loving space, enabling more local support...yes, I mean Mizu's collages.