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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later

I can't seem to call it an anniversary, rather, a marker of time and our steps to remember.  I remember trying to get in touch with my son first, perhaps near the hell, with me three thousand miles away.  Oh the relief of hearing his voice.  It was the only call that seemed to go through for me that day, and the next two weeks were spent trying to find everyone we knew.

What I did know, was that 'my firemen' guys, were decimated.  I sang to them, I served them in a Queens bar for years.  Two days after, this song just wrote itself...then Uptone Studios in Tacoma donated time, and musicians, singers, kids, dogs...all came in and poured our hearts into this song.

Then mayor of Gig Harbor, Gretchen Wilbert, included the CD in GH's official gift to NYC, and a NY Fireman came a year later, hugged me and said thank you.

In the following few months, after that awful day, everyone was more patient, more kind.  It seemed an enemy without created more of a family within.  Firemen everywhere were treated with respect and loving kindness, for the realization of what they truly lay on the line, every day, with their job.  But we began to forget the heroes in our backyards, and each other, a few months in.

I find myself a bag of emotional guts today.  With our humble thanks to heroes everywhere, the musicians of Tacoma send this out, with love.


Gigi said...

Just checked into the Neighborhood after a long absence. This is the most powerful of posts and I wish this song had been played on the airways over and over on 9/11. Precious Lorraine, I remember when you wrote this song and thought back then it was destined for greatness and needed to be heard by all in this country. Still gives me goosebumps. The slide show elevates it's power even more.

Thank you for your talent my friend.

Lorraine Hart said...

Oh Gigi...good to see you here, as I try to get back into our cyberspace neighbourhood.

Thank you for your very kind words about this song...I'm happy to tell you that it was played in New York. You are one of my dear friends..and we all held each other through that pain, ten years ago. It was my honour to receive that song from the Muse, to hopefully give comfort and strength. Anna was the one to put together this slide show so effectively.

Thank you for being one of my most supportive friends! Love you! Lox