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Friday, September 9, 2011

Late Summer Pictorial

Seems like ages since I had fun putting some pictures on the blog, so come and walk with me on these warm late summer days.  We can watch the sun dance upon an incoming teal tide.
Most of the honeysuckle flowers have given way to bright red berries, but a few remain knotted with purple clematis on the side gate.
Blackberries are everywhere, in every stage from hard green knuckles to soft, sweet, dark pearls.  Huckleberries are just beginning to turn blue, making me think of my friend Trish's Huckleberry Buckle...mmmmmmm, yeah!  Apples are large and green, ripening for some autumn applesauce.  These are the glorious days, when friends drop by with squash and lettuce spilling from their arms, oh happy harvest!
I love to spend quiet mornings in the side "Buddha Garden," welcoming each day.  I chose flowers that were the colours of the Dalai Lama's robes, to honour the Buddha of Compassion.
Glorious evenings to enjoy, especially at the house of good friends on the west side, overlooking Case Inlet and the Olympic Mountains.  Enjoy these days in paradise!


moiraz said...

Lovely photographs.

Lorraine Hart said...

Thank you! The digital age of cameras has been a delight for an amateur like me.