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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Debt... A Study In Human Interaction

I enjoyed going to the Narrows Theatre and seeing "The Debt" Saturday afternoon.

I've decided (thank the good Lord, to get out more and see and feel and
enjoy life. For me, it's time to clown!!!
(If anyone knows where I can go and catch some live jazz in Tacoma, without a large cover charge, please let me know... I'm missing the music and the jazz loving folks a lot.)

The star in the film, Helen Mirren took me on a very important journey in this family. This was no either/or film... bad girls and good girls. No she choose to lead a violent life because she and her companions believed that, in the name of justice, they had to kidnap a medical doctor who had killed thousands of people in a prison camp during World War II...kidnap and conver up what they had done for years.

The questions I came home with is could I choose to live a life based on lies for a month, a year, many years and would I be willing to live with the consequences of telling the truth about my fears and failures.

The Debt is a beautifully put together film that, I am sure, will get you thinking. Anybody who has seen Debt, what do you think?

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