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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Natural Man

Back in the eighties I used to go walking in Seward Park in Seattle, compact disc swinging merrily in my portable cd player and, with Lou Rawls singing to myself as I briskly moved through my two and a half mile walk, the affriming lyrics of the song, "Natural Man."

Much older and wiser now... I see that the lyrics of this song catch a lot of my present dreams:

"So when ya see me walkin', won't you notice that proud look in my eyes
My feet are on the ground and my soul is searchin' for the sky

'Cause I want to be happy and free
Livin' and lovin' for me
Just like a natural man
A natural man
Just like a natural man
My feet are on the ground
My soul is searchin' for the sky
Like a natural man
No more 'Yes, sir'
No more 'Yes, mam'
Huh, 'cause I'm a natural man
I'm a natural man"

In those few sweet, soulful moments Lou Rawls summed up the desires that African American people have had for five hundred years..."

As I listened to Lou Rawls singing via my Itouch during my moaning and groaning and sweating at the Family Y in Tacoma Thursday, November 18th, I felt affirmed and challenged... affirmed because more and more I am respectfully taking responsibility for my choices... because I choose to rather than because I am commanded to and challenged because I want to help every person I meet to confidently do the same when working with me or working with/for any other human being.

Smiling as I worked out at the Family Y, I played Natural Man again and again.

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