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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tacoma Blogger Launches New Site

Regular readers of this blog are aware that Kim Thompson (moi) moonlights over on Gritty City Woman, a local blog with a twist or two or three. Today, I am pleased to announced that I have launched my own site, I've got a fresh new design and some cool new features, but the writing is staying pure gritty with that essential Tacoma flavor. Stop by and visit. I'd love to have you come check it out. I am actually on Twitter (OMG!) and soon on Facebook (grittycitywoman). I know I put the link already in already above, but I am so jazzed, I'll give you a clickable link right HERE again.

Okay. I am done! See you HERE in the neighborhood and on the other side at Gritty City Woman!




Lorraine Hart said...

Yahoo Buckaroo!! Congratulations, it's a wonderful site and I'm so proud of you! Lox

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks dear friend!