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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Key At Kiana: Art, Words and Music

As soon as we drove onto the Suquamish tribal lands, I felt a warmth and welcome that made me smile. We were there to look at the Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, which sits at the water's edge overlooking beautiful Bainbridge Island. Large flower beds anchored tall trees and mystical figures carved themselves spaces throughout the driveway to Kiana's grounds. Living colour was everywhere, spilling over walls, pots and hanging baskets at the entrance of the Main Lodge.

Oh my, how our world was changed as we entered and were held in the warmth of honey-amber cedar logs. Windows and skylights everywhere let light polish the wood's finished sheen and gave each of the three rooms that delicious garden and water view. Each room wrapped around huge granite fireplaces, the mantles holding woven baskets and carved bowls. There were nooks and crannies for private conversation, overstuffed chairs and leather couches, a tucked-away bar and...did I mention that dreamy view...from everywhere?

Kiana Lodge, we knew as soon as we saw it, was definitely the place to hold Watermark Writers celebration and sharing of "The Key At Kiana: Art, Words and Music" November 14th, from 1-6pm. On that Sunday afternoon you are invited to come and meet the artists, authors and singer-songwriters as you are introduced to their works.

In the main entrance room, authors will read from their books and musicians will perform songs from their CD's. In the hall that is lined with a wall of windows, skylights and warm lighting, some of the Key Peninsula's favourite artists will be showing and selling their paintings, photography and jewelry. The writers' room has those wonderfully overstuffed chairs and leather couches, good for reading and conversations with the authors. A fire will blaze in every room, and an auction later in the day will surely keep everyone warm.

Artists will be, in alphabetical order:

Jan Buday, Dale Goodvin, John Lonning, Laura McClintoc, Tweed Meyer, Reni Moriarity, Beverly Pedersen, Robin Peterson, Kurt Solmssen, and P. Anthony Thompson, all from the Key Peninsula.

Authors will be:

Lana Hechtman Ayers, Scott Heffernan, Robin Peterson, and yours truly, Lorraine Hart. Lana is the only one off the Key, though still a local mossback.

Singer-Songwriters will be:

Carolyn Cruso from Orcas, Larry Murante from Seattle, and Danielle Gasparro from New York, just a little farther across the way.

We feel "The Key At Kiana" will be a very special and intimate event, a perfect way to do some shopping for the Holidays, while supporting the Arts and artists who are (mostly) your neighbours in the Sound area. Come and enjoy with us, this warm Suquamish welcome.


Gigi said...

This looks like a wonderful event in a gorgeous setting. Will plan to go!!

Kim Thompson said...

This looks so cool!

Lorraine Hart said...

It's all coming together nicely!

Will love to see you Gigi!