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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is The Election Over Yet?

Are you feeling like this about all the election and campaign brochures that you are receiving in the mail, via e-mail, or from door-to-door campaigners?

Or maybe you feel like this (a bit greener with those pesky brochures):

Of course there's the nasty campaigning, belittling of opponents, and overall negativity. I wonder if this is how voters feel?

Instead of talking about the issues, looking for ways to unite people, and finding solutions to better our overall communities, folks are talking about how desperately they want the election NONSENSE to be over with.


What do you think?


Gigi said...

I'm with you Kim!

Kim Thompson said...

Hi Gigi! You know EVERYONE I've talked to, no matter what their political affiliation is, all feel the same way!

Lorraine Hart said...

Me's especially annoying that it always happens around my birthday.

It's my belief that there should be NO political television ads, rather, I would GIVE candidates some free television time to state their platform (attacking the other side, verboten) and take questions, with program available On Demand or Netflix or other DVD rental. Then, a debate.

Thankfully they didn't go the OTHER Madison Ave. route...and try to sell us their sexiness!!

But yeah...enough already.