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Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Disturbs Me

It disturbed me to read this morning that Edward E. Scott, the former Naval Base Kitsap Command Master Chief Petty Officer, will be allowed to retire from the navy with full benefits and honorably discharged.

From KOMO-TV News:

Edward E. Scott, 44, once the local base's highest enlisted man, was arrested after a sting operation in which an officer posed as the mother of young twins in an online forum. Scott was met by police at a Bremerton motel where he had arranged to have sex with what he believed was the mother and both children.

Petty Officer Scott is a disgrace to his country and his uniform. Scott held a position of trust and authority that few enlisted ever attain and to seek sex with children while in that position and wearing that uniform is the highest form of mockery.

Scott should have received a court-martial and at the very least, a bad conduct discharge. The fact that he is retiring with an honorable discharge cheapens the meaning of that type of discharge.

True, he had a stellar record of service prior to this incident and we don’t know that he ever hurt a child, but the fact that he was willing, and was prepared to do so when he was caught, negates all of that.

Scott is a dangerous sexual predator and should be treated as such. He does not deserve his pension or the status of a retired member of the Armed Forces.


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