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Friday, February 22, 2008

Celestial ecstasy: total lunar eclipse on a night with clear skies in the Northwest

Lorraine wrote so eloquently (as she always does about every topic) when she posted her thoughts about the wondrous total lunar eclipse.

I cannot add much to Lorraines observations except to say that it is well documented that there is at least one fearsome phenomenon that accompanies these events: major earthquakes within the next 48 hours or so...big quakes occurred in Indonesia and Greece and closer to home the one in northern Nevada; hopefully, the northwest will be spared, but this is also a good time to remind everyone to have their emergency supplies ready.

I had opened a small piece of Dove chocolate candy in the afternoon prior to the onset of the eclipse at 5:43 and the message inside the foil candy wrapper said, "Sleep under the stars tonight." I thought to myself, uh-oh, is this an omen of some kind? Thankfully not, but it was an interesting synchronicity.

I had had the eclipse on my calendar for a week or so to watch the eclipse and had prayed continually that we would have clear skies for viewing, which seemed a most unlikely possibility, but for which I was quite thankful. And a double-header in the skies that same night with the shoot-down of the satellite in the hour following totality. No coincidence there either.

I shot more than 120 images during the various stages of the eclipse and am posting only few of them here. Enjoy!


Lorraine Hart said...

Very cool pics! I laughed when I tried to take one with my little digital camera...a tiny dot! I was really hoping someone would put in more...thanks!

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