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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Permission to speak freely, sir!

my thanks to joseph and the amazing technicolor newspaper for providing us another opportunity to represent ourselves and our communities.

sadly it will be a few more months before i may be allowed to clutter up the ether with my contributions

once it was found that i was providing commentary to a mouthpiece of the 'liberal media', i was warned at the highest level. this despite the fact that not a single entry offered the merest whisper of my work, let alone national security. all the while soldiers were blogging from a theater of war receiving nothing more than a cocked eyebrow from their constituent commanders.

but if I post it all in lowercase, then it doesn't matter. right?

i shouldn't even be posting this, but doing the right things hasn't really seemed to work for me either.

yup, things are rough all over

now stop reading this and go on to a more worthy article... whichever one is next.

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Lorraine Hart said...

Well, you've certainly intrigued me.