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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fish and Chips

Interestingly, the same day that The News Tribune published a lengthy, well-researched review of reader-suggested 'favorite' Fish and Chips destinations around Tacoma and Pierce County, one of my coworkers and I had just treated ourselves to lunch at Steamer's at Titlow Beach.  I was happy to see that Steamer's was included among the restaurants that writer Sue Kidd reviewed.  Over the years, I've been to almost all of the ones she wrote about.  Still, Steamer's remains my favorite.

The fish is fabulously fresh and definitely has a crispy-crunch from the breading.  Portion sizes are over-the-top.  I ordered the 3-piece fish and fries with Caesar salad, and a fountain drink.  $13.14 for the total.  When the meal was served, it was so beautifully plated and colorful, I had to whip out my camera and take a picture before starting to eat it.  But look at the size of these pieces of fish!  Enormous.   So much, I couldn't finish it all.  

Steamer's has long been a favorite with my family and we've shared many special occasions there over the years.  'Back in the day' Steamer's offered a Monday night 'All You Can Eat' that was well-attended.  Even at lunchtime on Thursday the restaurant was absolutely packed.   You can't go wrong for lunch or dinner at Steamer's.

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