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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Champagne Reception for National Activity Professionals' Week

This is National Activity Professionals' Week.  Activity Professionals from throughout Tacoma and Pierce County were honored for their commitment and hard work all year long.  The event was hosted by Bridgeport Place with a Champagne reception, appetizers, door prizes for all, and free seated chair massage for each Activity Professional who attended.  Several commented on what a remarkable switch it was to be on the receiving end of so much pampering.  They loved it.

Activity professionals are the health care team members whose creative energies flow without ceasing to plan events and activities daily (a whole month's-worth at a time) for the Activity Calendar in skilled nursing facilities, e.g. nursing homes, and in assisted living communities.  They keep seniors in shape physically and socially by continuously putting together ideas that will be of interest to retirees to keep them engaged and active.  Http:// has an award-winning executive director (Sandy Nelson) who leads a management team that contributes to the nonstop events and activities that keep residents' minds and bodies active.  

Activity Director Linda Janicki plans the calendar each month with a team of residents who contribute their ideas -- every resident is welcome to give input and suggestions -- so that the seniors are given empowerment and ownership, which leads to more involvement as their interests and experiences are diverse.  Thus the calendar is literally chock-full of a cross-section of ideas that keep the residents' lives invigorated and interesting.  Linda Janicki has an Assistant Activity Director John Brown who is a senior himself.  He is a great storyteller and the residents love spending time with him.  

The event this year was a first, but gauging by the appreciation that was expressed, it is likely to become an annual event during National Activity Professionals Week.

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