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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Server's idea of honesty over-the-top

Overheard in a Tacoma area restaurant at lunch this afternoon: our server was talking to the party of 8 at the next table.  At the conclusion of their meal when they inquired about desserts that might be available, she informed them flat-out, bluntly, directly (not jokingly) that ... 

"Our desserts are terrible! They really are. None of them are any good. Even the ice cream is an off-brand and it's horrible. The cheescake is the worst. It tastes like cardboard. I'm just being honest with you.  They're terrible!" 

  • Would you have thanked her?
  • Tipped her generously for her candor?
  • Not tipped her at all for the blistering review of the restaurant's desserts?
  • Applauded her personal integrity? 
  • Reported her to management?

1 comment:

SassySpy said...

Thanked her for her honesty, and then would have hit Baskin and Robbins on the way home