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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Annie Wright Schools host PNAIS Conference

Friday, October 12, Annie Wright Schools are hosting the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (PNAIS) day-long conference for 900 educators.  Special shuttle service and parking arrangements have been established; however, there is little doubt that with 900 visitors arriving, traffic itself will be quite congested around the area.  

The Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools will be presenting the conference theme "Risk + Failure = Growth:  Developing the Resilient Learner and Educator".  

Keynote speakers include Kathryn Schulz author of "Being Wrong:  Adventures in the Margin of Error" and Rob Evans, Ed.D. "Helping Parents Face Risk and Foster Resilience" and "Getting to No:  From Congeniality to True Collegiality."

More information on PNAIS is available at  For questions regarding the conference at Annie Wright Schools, please contact Jen Willey, Communications Director, at 253.284.5419. 

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