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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Valley Arts United's Gallery 3 provides island of calm by Puyallup City Hall

While there's a lot of news coming out of Puyallup City Hall this week, this one  has nothing to do with fireworks in the chambers of government, but a there's just as much life and color without the angst in a delightful little treasure of an art gallery tucked neatly under the same roof. So with that in mind check out Gallery 3 when you are in the area for a slice of local art, a haven of calm in temporarily rougher water.

Last Saturday afternoon I took the time after pouring through the fresh produce, bursting flower bouquets and specialty cheese at the Puyallup Farmer's Market to check out what was for sale behind the glass windows of this wonderful little space run by the same talented organization Valley Arts United which has brought the community the Premier Gallery, Arts Downtown and the Open Studio Tour.

Artwork I had the pleasure of seeing during my visit included an assortment of work by local artists: Anne Eft, Anette Lusher-Cree, Barb Ruble, Bella Yongok Kim, Cash Curtis Ashby, Gretchen Mottet, Jacque McWillis, Jerome Petteys, Joan Nicholson, Kazumi Divens-Cogez, Ken Strange, Kim Wilson, Lydia Strange, Mary Johnson, Mary Schossow-Schumaker, Patty McPhee and Tanya Lemma. As Gallery 3 is a cooperative arts gallery, artists such as the quiet and personable Jerome Petteys who was on hand to assist prospective art buyers that afternoon will offer a personal tour of the facility.

Petteys, a graphic designer who runs his own business during the regular week,  has chosen for this turn in the gallery to show a selection of finely detailed black and white pen and ink illustrations with a retro-feel, offering a polished and stand-out option to those guests looking for a little different spin in the otherwise more colorful parade of creativity which greeted this first-time, out-of-town gallery visitor.

Meanwhile local residents whether they enjoy the kind of headline grabbing events at City Hall or the gentler vibrations from aesthetic wizards plying gentler seas, will surely enjoy touching base with the talented mix of local artists at Gallery 3.

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JosephMcG said...

Thank you, Mizu, for inviting me and all who read your writing to stop, look, and enjoy the creativity and beauty all around us.