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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Writer, Sara Paretsky, In My Life

V.I. Warshawsky, the heroine of many thrillers by Sara Paretsky, has got my attention. I just finished reading Paretsky's wonderful mystery, "Body Work." It got me through many, cold nights.
And Warshawsky's reflection on her own life reached way down deep into my soul where I have to live with so many actions and presentations I have done... always trying to be honest, often wondering who I think I am to even presume I had the right to encourage and guide others in the way my calling permits me to do. Here is Warshawki's take on how she touches other people's lives:"Likesal's claim I seem to put myself on a plane above everyone else. It's not that. I don't. I thikn I'm driven more by despair, even, than confidence, especially the despair of seeing so much misery around me. And then I leap into action and make it worse."
Those words touched me in some places I seldom go. I have decided that I am going to read more of Sara Paretsky's work.
Let me know if you have read some of her novels and what you think about them. Check out Sara Paretsky on You Tube:

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Mizu Sugimura said...

Always great Joseph to see you back!