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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Larry Murante

Through Jerry Libstaff’s “Words & Music” I met a wonderful singer/songwriter by the name of, Larry Murante.  I wrote about him, here in the ‘hood, a couple of years ago, loving his album with the title song, Point of Entry.  Now, I’m a tough critic on lyrics, but when I hear that little simple something extra, baby…you got me!  In Point of Entry, Larry advises, “If you give the world a point of entry…it’ll give back to you…” one of those sweet wee lines that says so much, catching your ear, mind, and heart with all its possibilities.  Everyone usually writes about going into the world, but he writes about letting the world come into us.  A tiny difference in perspective creates these endless choices for the listener, inside an action we can think about.  Behavior Modification 101---the only behavior we can change, is our own---and here we are invited to open our soul doors to the world, not for judgment, but for the gifts this life brings.

Getting to know Larry, I found this to be his gentle mantra, and I was pleased to be let in by him as a friend, albeit mostly online.  There’s something to be said for friendships on computers, especially for writers.  What is a songwriter, if not poet blended with musician, for an easy point of entry with their audience?  Let him in, and he gives back to you, for sure.  I believe it was serendipitous that Larry was born in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, also home of Martin guitars; both of them being sweet conduits of music in the world.  Those of us who live around this beautiful Salish Sea can be glad and grateful he chose to live in Seattle, performing locally, between touring.

Mr. Murante and I share a belief in the voice as instrument, working many different genres, both choosing to study with professional opera singers for a number of years, to learn performance strength, control, and longevity.  It always surprises me when performers, who spend money and time on guitar lessons, never think to work for that same kind of control, that same understanding of their instrument within.  Larry’s voice can rasp closely around an emotion in one phrase, and let go with an open, fluid vibrato in the next.  It comes from his Chi, the root of our sound, and it comes from his heart, an open point of entry for the world.

Last November I sent some lyrics I wrote, to Larry.  If you’ve read many of my blogs, you’ll see that I’m fond of watching the sky from our Aerie on Joe’s Bay, constant kinetic art that it is, fantastic and free to all who would just lift nose from grindstone of the moment.  It gives me a peace I wanted to share with this harried, in-debt world, so I wrote “Little Patch of Sky.”  The only problem was, I didn’t like the melody I had and, like a bad jingle, it stuck in my head.  I asked him if he might have a melody, should he like the lyrics.  Larry did and, by the end of that very day, sent me a demo Mp3.  I was thrilled with his melody.  He wrote to me about singing it as an opening number for a show.  When the song came to an end, Larry looked straight up.  The audience broke out in “thunderous applause,” he wrote.  Hand out cigars…our song lives!

Have I piqued your interest?  Well now, this Saturday evening, 7pm, March 3rd The Blend Wine Shop and Watermark Writers is bringing Larry Murante to our own Key Center, yes!  I’d love to hear him sing our song live, to open the show, and then hear more of his own.  I know you’d have a wonderful time with my respected colleague, my treasured friend.  Come on down to K.C. neighbours, and let’s have us a time!  Seating space is limited, so I would advise calling to make reservations… (253) 778-6559 or (253) 884-9688  


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Mizu Sugimura said...

What a personally fulfilling and universally uplifting story Lorraine! Of course - with you I'm not at all surprised!