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Monday, June 6, 2011

No Reason To Cry

Two more weeks of school here at Bellarmine. I remember the last few weeks before the summer started just dragged. I did not know what the summer would bring and I really was not looking forward to final tests but I was looking forward to the school year being over.

At the same time I could look back at another year when I and my classmates had worked really hard in the classroom, the sports field, in various community services, in various moments in the band or the glee club or the debate team, and see that, just like the students in the arts class at Bellarmine whose wonderful drawings are shown above, we had shared our gifts and time wonderfully well.

Thank God for giving us many chances to share our gifts, for our families, friends, classmates and their families and friends who affirmed us, and for fall and winter and spring and summer.

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