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Friday, June 24, 2011

Living The Truth

Today, in the Roman Catholic Church we remember proudly Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist. Here is a reflection from Living With Christ, "..daily companion for praying and living the Eucharist:"John the Baptist is like a first draft for Jesus. They were alike in some ways: they were cousins, almost the same age; both came from the desert, urging people to a different way of life..."

I am proud to know John the Baptist because he knew his strengths and limitations, that he was called to tell the truth to his community and that he was willing to die for that truth.

He is one of those wonderful human beings who move me to speak and act respectfully, with intergrity, and compassion every day. I would prefer to hide in a corner and, watch other folks trying to love themselves, others, and life. Today I shall try to be a little more compassionate.

What do you think of folks like John the Baptist?

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