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Friday, April 15, 2011

Love Roars Like A Lion

One thing is for sure. Our children are precious. They are worth the ups and downs of communication gone wrong, hours missing them, worrying about them, worrying with them....what would have become for me if my mother and my grandmother had worked so very, very hard to make sure I had a warm, safe place to live, food to eat, and a loving shoulder for me to rest my weary head on day after day.

Our children are precious and I am privileged day after day to see teachers, staff persons, and moms and dads and uncles and aunts and grandpops and grandmoms and alumni and alumnae and women and men come out for games and plays and community service events...and quietly working as volunteers in the mailroom, on the school phones...all doing what they can to make Bellarmine High School a wonderful place to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Here, like at other private and public schools, love roars like a lion

Saturday, April 15, folks are coming together in Bellarmine's new gymnasium to enjoy each other's company and to bid on so many beautiful articles donated by families and friends who not only say that they love our children but choose to share their resources to support Bellarmine's administrators, teachers, staff, and volunteers continue to provide loving service to our wonderful young people.

Check out the decorations on the head table.

Check out some of the articles donated for the auction.


Kim Thompson said...

Looks like a great auction!

Anonymous said...

did you like the band?

Lorraine Hart said...

I hope it was a very successful event Joseph...yes, our children are precious...and we're all children who need to be loved and encouraged.

Hope you are continuing to feel better and better, my friend.