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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

South Sound Sports: Don’t Count Out Us Middle Age Sports Warriors

Sports have changed haven’t they? In the last most recent decades, people in their forties (and well beyond!) are visible sports warriors. Packs of bike riders, runners, walkers, gym patrons, dancers, swimmers, skiers, soccer players, baseball players, and basketball players are seen all over the place, rain or shine, winter or summer, day or night. Lots of those folks are middle-agers and older who are moving their bodies to benefit their bodies and minds.

Living in the South Sound, with it’s rich outdoor beauty, scenic trails, and sporty spirit, offers much to the sports minded no matter what age. I used to think Portland had fitness and health nailed over the Puget Sound, but I don’t think that’s the case. We South Sounders get moving, and with the evidence I see of my generation and my parent's generation on getting in shape and taking charge, it’s inspirational.

Sports Warriors (or wanna bes) age 40+: Give me your thoughts on fitness for middle age and beyond. What do you love about exercise/sport/fitness at this age? What are challenges? What’s your favorite sporting activities in the South Sound?

Bonus material! Here’s a mini-interview with Shirley Phillips, team manager and soccer warrior of the indoor soccer team “I Don’t Know” (love that name!) at the Tacoma Indoor Soccer Center. Shirley captures the pulse of the sports fun at any age. Read on. 

1. How did the team come together originally? How long has the team been around? What's up with the name (which I love by the way)? The team came together by way of me talking with other parents and friends about if they would be interested in getting a team together.  This session right now is the second session - so three months.  The team name came about when one of the players who said they wanted to join the team (Joe Horn) asked me one day at my sons game what is the team name going to be....I replied...hmmm...I don't know.  he said that sounds good.  I laughed and said yeah right....and it stuck as I could not come up with anything original.
2. There are a number of folks that are brand spanking new to the game. How does that work with the more experienced players? I don't think it matters at all and the more experienced players are happy to have newbees on the team to spread the word as to how much fun it is.
3. What's the difference of playing back in the day and playing NOW? Not too much difference. I always played outdoor - which is a HUGE difference from indoor.  Being older and slower is the only difference I see:)


JosephMcG said...

Love going for long walk with a friend, especially when we choose to strool and talk rather than walk fast and huff and puff...

Body, mind, and soul get stimulated... and that is WONDERFUL

Kim Thompson said...

Here Here!