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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Moment Of Clarity

When I was sixteen years old I went to see the film, The Robe, ten times. That film gave me a chance to think about what God mean to me. There is a scene in the film that focuses on the death of Judas... dark sky, solitary man hanging from a tree.
I needed to think about despair, guilt, and death.

Sunday night I watched the HBO move, Sunset Limited. Once again I am thinking about despair and guild and death. Sunset Limited is one of the best films I have ever seen.

Tommie Lee Jones, executive producer, director, and actor in Sunset Limited,got me looking at my own thinking... given so much violence I see in life around me and know that, given my own weaknesses, I could, in word or deed, do to others, in what ways does my head move me to respond to my aging and dying.

Samuel L. Jackson's wonderful acting in Sunset Limitedgot me considering my own prayer life and spirituality and wondering in what ways my heart move me to respond to my mortality.

Sunset Limited is one of those films which will help adults to take a good long look at what counts in life and how much we need other people in our lives who can support us in thinking honestly, looking at our feelings closely, and choosing to live positively and lovingly in the moment.

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