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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Didn't Sleep At All Last Night

Should I choose to be glad, sad, or mad? My quiet night appeared to be welcoming me Wednesday evening after I had moved miraculosly through a demanding day as a hospital chaplain St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma and an emotionally uplifting evening with adults who are considering joining the Catholic Church at St. Leo's Catholic Church in Tacoma.
At the hospital I listened to, prayed with, teased, and encouraged patients to recognize that God loves each one of them. At the church I did the same. Same message, different folks and different situations.

Came home, fumbled around my rooms for a while and finally got back to reading Walter Mosley's wonderful novel, The Right MistakeI started reading the novel (269 pages the day before). The love story I read filled me with great joy... the hero's relationship with the heroine (Socrates meets Luna, Socrates loses Luna...) left me so very thankful that Walter Mosley could so quickly help me fall head over heels in love with the two characters, be moved up and down and around by the various ways the characters in the story treated my two loved ones, and by Mr. Mosley's wonderful way of saying, "And then... 'Come on now!' The story gets better... and then, and then, and then")

There I was last weary Wednesday evening... and I did put the book down at 11 pm, slept for an hour, and then tossed and turned for fifteen minutes, gave up, and went back to the book.
And Mr. Walter Mosley played me like I was a yo-yo. Now up, now down, now round and round... hoping the best for Socrates and Luna, while sadly suspecting that the final news would be bad news.

Book finished... and I tossed and turned, ruminating and being further illuminated until three thirty in the morning. I think I slept till six... I shall never know...

But I am back on Walter Mosley's block seriously and I ain't gonna be leaving for a long time.

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