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Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Say Yogini, I Say Yogina, We All Say Tacoma's Source Yoga!

I don't see myself really as a "yoga" person. I learned yoga from books (the excellent Cyndi Lee books from OM Yoga in New York, click HERE to see a sample of one of her books). I just followed the pictures in the book (so in essence, I didn't even know if I was doing it right, just guessing really). I didn't have "real" yoga clothes (just clothes for running or pajamas, the pjs being the preferred outfit). Sometimes I'd just stop doing yoga for a couple of months. No reason really; just didn't feel like it. And I've never taken a class. Ever.

Until today!

My friend Joanna invited me to Source Yoga in Tacoma (near by old childhood neighborhood near the gulch and by Magoo's Tavern on 21st). I was going to be in a "community class" with all levels of skills early this evening. Joanna is a terrific yoga person (a "real" one in my view) and I trust her judgment. So, I went. What a treat!

First off, I was warmly greeted by Amy our instructor. Her smile and welcoming manner made me feel at ease instantly. The studio was bright, yet soothing. Scented candles burned and interesting music played in the background, soft and sensual to a little more lively (later on) and the lighting was spot on, not too bright, not too dull. (After see these touches I am going to replicate it at home!). There were tidy little cubes for your personal belongings and ALL the equipment (mats, blocks, bands, bolsters and blankets) are provided (big bonus--no hauling stuff). This was a popular class and it was filled, but there was plenty of respectful space between participants.

And speaking of respect, during the practice, I earned a healthy respect for vinyasa flow style of yoga (my books are all hatha yoga). Some of the phrases and moves were a little foreign to me, but many things I knew and could perform. Amy had such a gentle, soothing, and soulful voice and exuded pure happiness. I learned to honor my experience of just doing the yoga practice, and that it was MY practice. That's when the fuzzy feeling of "Hey, look at me I can do this, I am keeping up!" fell way to relaxation and focus. I also learned that I needed to let go of my forced breathing and let that flow more naturally (critical in yoga practice). Lastly, I learned that yoga class people are awfully nice. There were all kinds of folks there, all ages, both men and women. After my experience, I felt great and I am looking forward to trying another class. The price is modest in my view, considering what you get. (To note: if you are BRAND spankin' new to yoga, I'd recommend talking to the folks at Source to find the best fit for you).

So, South Sounders, if this sounds like you, check out Source Yoga's class offerings as there are many flavors. I saw everything from an intro class, to a Mom and Tot class, to pre-natal classes, to more intermediate and advanced classes, drop in community classes, and to pure meditation for refreshment and relaxation.



Lorraine Hart said...

Being double-jointed, I used to love yoga...but now I have such problems with my joints. Still, the gentle easy stretches from a basic yoga class will see you through a lifetime.

Nicely done Kim...and Namaste my friend.

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks, Lorraine. They have one class that is devoted solely to meditation and relaxation. Oh, that sounds lovely, eh?