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Friday, April 16, 2010

Thank God for Friday

That's right. I woke up Friday morning and I just wanted to stay in bed. I had pushed my mind and body pretty hard the last few days and I was afraid I would not have the emotional strength to be a positive quiet presence at the hospital. And I was glad I had to go because if I had had a reason to stay home, I would have just slowly and quietly made it through the day... but I could not let myself stay at home because I felt like doing it... I cared too much for the other members of the chaplaincy team and for the patients who might need a quiet presence and a warm handshake. I was glad I got past the gray clouds in the morning and I felt quite content as I looked at the gray clouds Friday evening.

Friday was the last day a very good friend, Brian, would be working at the hospital. He was headed for California to take two weeks' training for a new job with which he was very happy. A friend is a friend, right. And I would have just felt unreal for many months if I had not been there to tease him, thank him for the good times we had had. He was one of those folks that got me laughing and laughing and I had those mixed feelings... I would miss him a lot but I was glad he was happy and he is one of my facebook buddies, so we had a whole lot of cyber coversation ahead.

So, after a lot of challenging moments and laughing moments and just being there with people in their pain moments, I headed for my favorite restaurant for some quiet time, a very tasty meal, and some wonderful smiles from folks at the restaurant whom I really treasure.

This was one wonderful Friday filled with laughter and pain and loving... thank God!


Stephanie Frieze said...

Sorry that you've had a friend move away. Hopefully technology can keep you close, although there's nothing like the day to day teasing and laughing of working with good people. I'm mostly lucky that way, too. Yes, thank goodness it is Friday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Lorraine Hart said...

Happy Sunday my friend...and thanks for all your good work, every day.