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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Radio's Joe "Copper" Cooper aka Joe Giannunzio's paintings featured at Trilogy

Left to Right:
Charles Jones, Joe "Copper" Cooper aka Joe Giannunzio,
Jaynie Dillon Jones

Joe "Copper" Cooper aka Joe Giannunzio's paintings were featured among a spectrum of some 30 artists at the recent Trilogy Art Show and Sale in Redmond, Washington.  Joe is best known from his decades on-the-air in radio here in the Seattle area, Portland, Oregon, and in Michigan long ago where his radio career began.  

However, Joe's artistic talent has always been smoldering in the background.  Few people know of his remarkable talents and accomplishments as a home builder.  But beneath all of those other natural talents and abilities, Joe has always had a passion for drawing and painting.  

Now that Joe is retired he is able to devote more time to painting and has completed more than 50 fairly large scale paintings.  

Earlier this month (May 2017) the Trilogy community in Redmond sponsored an Art Show and Sale where Joe exhibited some of his paintings for the first time in a public show.  Charles and Jaynie Jones drove up to Redmond from Tacoma to take in the show.  

There were interesting and outstanding works of art from many artists who were on-site.  All of the pictures shared in this blog post feature paintings by Joe Giannunzio.

The show spanned two days, Friday hours were exclusively for residents of Trilogy, but the show hours on Saturday were open to the public.  It was a thrill to see so much creativity on display.  

--Jaynie Dillon Jones

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