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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Meal

Folks in my house, all priests, will be in and out this weekend. They will be visiting family and friends, or leading prayers experiences in their parishes or other prayer centers. We came together this evening for prayer, fod, and conversation. conversation.
     We gathererd around the chapel altar

first to join each other in thanking God for loving us and asking God to bless the people we know, love, and serve. I was so happy that a member of the community at the time during the Eucharistic Service (Mass) asked the Lord to quickly bring peace to the Middle East.
       After that we went to our dining room and took time to hear about our joys, aches and pains, and future plans. Those conversations continued around wonderful food.
The evening went by quickly,  lots of laughter, good food, great company.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


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