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Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Hot Day

I remember some long hot summers when I was a teenager working on a Saint Vincent de Paul truck as a swamper in Seattle, long, hot, muscle straining days, picking up clothes and newspapers and sofas and chairs and refrigerators. After two weeks of just wanting to quit I started feeling really good and I started enjoying the work.

Still I could not wait for summer to be over and my getting back to the books. So I really admire the human beings who are digging and chopping and putting in some hard hours out here on Twenty Fifth and South Union.

They are some dedicated folks, doing what is necessary to have food on the table, clothes on the backs, and a safe happy home for themselves, their families, and friends.


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I also feel the same way every time its my first few weeks after accepting the job. Yes, it's indeed really tough and you get to think to quit. But I just always put myself to realization that if I quit the job and start all over again, maybe it will be the same thing again. So, it's always important to have patience and persistence,especially if you are new to your job since it will be paid off after you are already used to it.

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