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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pretty Purples, Posted for a Pal

All pictures by Lorraine Hart
Seems veedub and I were on the same wavelength with our cameras this week, though I didn't wander far.  My friend and fellow Blogonia, Stephanie, came to my mind as I began to take pictures of purple in the garden.

Purple is Stephanie's favourite colour...and I believe she is a pansy!  How did the name pansy come to mean weak?  Last winter, I watched ten inches of snow and ice try to beat my pansies down, but they popped their tough little heads back up, when the snow left.  Carry a weight, put on some purple and shine...well, that's certainly Stephanie!

The last few days have been so gorgeous, here at the edge of the Salish Sea, and my garden is a magical place, every single spring and summer.  I didn't know my husband had sprinkled poppy seeds all about, and was delighted when they began to flower in such a beautiful blue-purple.  There is one bright red poppy, but we save that for another day.

Every Mother's Day, my husband makes sure to buy new flowers for the decorative pots on our back deck.  This year we really seem to be raising the purple, at least for this post!  It's only one of the colours in our garden's bouquet, like Stephanie, in our Blogonia garden.  Ah, such a beauty.  Here's to you, and here's to purple!


I loved the way morning light played upon petals.                

As you enjoy this post of purple, please remember that May is Lyme-Awareness Month.  There's a bumper crop of nymph ticks this spring, no bigger than poppy seeds, all over North America.  Love the purple...learn about the Lyme.
Deep in the heart of purple.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Purple poppies posted for your pal?! Wonderful! I am honored, Lady Lorraine. You live in such a beautiful setting that nurishes the soul. A lovely Spring and Summer to you!

Mizu Sugimura said...

When you said you were collecting purple - you truly went ALL out! Our mutual neighbor is such a lucky gal.

VW said...

Very nice!!!

Lorraine Hart said...

Thank you! I loved your shots too, veedub. I think we need regular photo posts.
Mizu, do you have a colour preference? I bet I can find it in my garden!