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Monday, April 9, 2012

It's A Brand New Day

I am determined, despite my seventy one years, to affirm the wonderful possibilities of the future. Day by day I see so many young people who are loving: at the hospital, the loving members of the family who come and spend time with ailing parents, grandparents, and friends; at church, curious, creative, and prayerful men, women, and children, who take time to share their joys and gifts with other church members... the sun, moon, and stars are constantly smiling at our choosing to relate to each other positively... At Bellarmine, in the Quadrangle, all who spend time here will find that one of the ways they will find meaning in their lives is daily doing whatever is necessary to make sure that our world becomes a safe, healing, and nourishing space for all
I am often stopped by the beauty of the flowers and other plants in the Bellarmine High School Quadrangle.
And the warmth and sun have invited this beautiful tree to don its spring finery and give me a few moments to just be stopped and awed by its finery.
I thank all the schools, churches, other institutions, home owners, and renters who take time to provide a loving space where I can stop, look, listen, and enjoy... it is great to be living today Bellarmine Quadrangle In The Morning

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Lorraine Hart said...

You, my dear friend, are probably one of the most delightful organic 'fixtures' in the Quad. Stopping to have conversation with you has been a joyful gift in this neighbourhood too! You are 71 years young.